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Aaron Carrado

Aaron began performance training at a very young age while participating in an athletic career that led him to play three years of college basketball, one year of college football, and even played in a short-lived arena pro football league. In college, Aaron’s major was Biblical Studies and his minor was Exercise Science.

Aaron has developed many customized training programs to improve strength and conditioning for a wide variety of clientele including school aged athletes to pro level athletes that have achieved rapid results in increasing the athletes strength, athletic ability, power, speed and fitness.

Aaron, gives all credit to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. For Aaron, one of his most enjoyable passions is when he is able to put his abilities into practice with kids of all ages and levels.

Aaron’s goal is to dedicate his skills to the creation and nurturing of an athlete’s performance and fitness, along with their well being and character building. Aaron has the following certifications: NSCA, CPT, Power Athlete, HOS, CFC and CPR/First Aid.

Matt Brunson

  • Attended Cherry Creek H.S. (State Champions 1992)
  • 9th pick in 1993 Amateur baseball draft to the Detroit Tigers
  • Florida Marlins, Yuma Scorpions, Brockton Rox, Newark Bears, St. Paul Saints
  • Played football at the University of Colorado 1999-2002
  • Worked at HitStreak Managing, Conducting, baseball players building athleticism, baseball fundamentals
  • SICAthletes
  • Colorado Instructional Baseball
  • USA Baseball

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When you walk through our doors it’s written on our walls and the intensity is in the air. The feeling to accomplish greatness is undeniable. Here at Strength In Christ Athletes we believe that,“Training for competition should be harder than the competition itself” and “Commit no Excuses”.

It cant be said better than this “Perfection is not attainable; But if we chase perfection; We can attain Excellence.” Vince Lombardi…This is our commitment to develop the very best athletes in the world and individual character through faith and hard word. There is no substitution to attaining your goals athletically or individually.

We have taken every step possible to create an environment to develop such. To give one of the most well thought out training centers in all of Colorado. Along with the largest and most high-tech functional training center, we have found the most educated and inspirational team of coaches that lead through faith, experience and respect for everyone that comes through our doors.

We have become experts in every sport, adult conditioning to even weekend warrior training. We take great pride to bring to Colorado a NEW type of strength and conditioning programming that combines old techniques with the newest and most complete and comprehensive training.
That bring athleticism and health to all our clientele. Our goal with every athlete and every fitness enthusiast is to offer the most innovate training methods and development programs. When it comes to our athletes’, injury prevention is at the forefront of all our program design.

By doing this it will decrease potential injury and create increase performance in all our athletes. Our mission is to become the leaders in athletic training, fitness and education for every person with a desire for greatness and health in Colorado for the glory of GodJesus.